AquaShield™, Inc. is privileged to be a leader in a fast growing stormwater and industrial runoff treatment industry by manufacturing a variety of custom engineered, high quality, innovative treatment products. The enforcement of "non-point source" water pollution is stimulating private and public entities to seek reliable and cost effective solutions to protect the water resources of their communities.

Our commitment to providing environmental solutions for our customers began through our sister company, Remedial Solutions, Inc., in the mid-1990's. Realizing the need to meet the new storm water regulations, Remedial Solutions' owner developed the AquaShield™ Filtration Technology based on more than twenty years experience in treating highly contaminated water resources across the United States of America.

The distinctive characteristics of the technology behind each of our products includes:

Additionally, you will see that AquaShield™, Inc. is continuing to pursue independent, third party performance evaluations in several areas across the United States of America.

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