AquaShield™ Stormwater Treatment Systems

The AquaShield™ Stormwater Treatment System Technologies are founded on 20 years experience providing treatment solutions for impaired water resources.  Therefore, our highest priority is providing Stormwater Treatment Solutions to protect our nation's waterways.

The AquaShield™ systems allow prompt site plan approval by local regulators.  As the systems are fabricated in HDPE, contractors prefer the quick and simple installation of our structures, which results in project cost savings. 

AquaShield™’s line of patented stormwater treatment products provide for three levels of stormwater treatment.

  • The Aqua-Swirl™  Concentrator is a hydrodynamic separator, which provides a highly effective means for the removal of TSS (course/ fine sediment), floating debris and free-oil. 
  • The Aqua-Filter™ Stormwater Filtration System is an in-line stormwater filtration system capable of gross contaminant removal, and the removal of fine sediments, water-borne hydrocarbons, heavy metals (i.e. zinc) and nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen.
  • The Aqua-Guard™ Catch Basin Insert works to remove gross contaminants, oil and sediment at the source. 


Filtration System

Aqua-Guard Catch
Basin Insert

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Aqua-Swirl™  Concentrator
Aqua-Filter™ Stormwater Filtration System
Aqua-Guard™ Catch Basin Insert

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