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The Whitfield County Juvenile Court is located in the Ground Floor of the Whitfield County Courthouse in Dalton, Georgia and is a department within the government of Whitfield County.

Whitfield County is located approximately 90 miles northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, on Interstate 75 and U.S. Highways 41 and 76

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Juvenile Court Seal


A delinquent act is a violation of a law that would be a crime if committed by an adult. A delinquent child is one who has committed a delinquent act and is in need of treatment and rehabilitation or supervision by the Court.

The consequences of adjudication for a delinquent act vary according to the act, the needs of the child and the needs of the community. If the child is acquitted or found not to be in need of treatment or rehabilitation or supervision the case will be dismissed. Some delinquent acts are disposed of through Diversion, Informal Adjustment or Mediation.

If the child is adjudicated delinquent the Court may dispose of the case in any way authorized by law, including placing the child on probation, incarcerating the child for up to ninety days, or committing the child to the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice for a period of two years.

Any delinquent act that includes possession of drugs, including marijuana, will result in the mandatory suspension of the child's driving privileges


There is a category of serious offenders called Designated Felons. These offenders are described in Georgia Code Section 15-11-37. They are generally persons who are repeat offenders or have committed offenses that are particularly dangerous to the community. After adjudication, the Court may require that these offenders be committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice for up to five years and may order that they be incarcerated for the entire time.

If a child is at least 15 years old and is charged with any delinquent act, or is 13 or 14 years old and is charged with committing and act for which the punishment is loss of life or confinement for life in a penal institution, the child may be subject to a Juvenile Court hearing to determine whether to transfer the child to Superior Court for trial as an adult. If transferred and convicted in Superior Court the child will be punished as an adult.

The Juvenile Court does not have jurisdiction of seven specific offenses if the child is accused of any of them is 13 to 17 years old at the time of the offense. Those offenses include: Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, Rape, Aggravated Sodomy, Aggravated Child Molestation, Aggravated Sexual Battery, or Armed Robbery if committed with a firearm. Each of the above offenses are within the original jurisdiction of the Superior Court. Delinquency cases begin by a person filing a complaint with the Court alleging that the child has committed a delinquent act. The child may or may not be placed in the Youth Detention Center. The Juvenile Court Intake Officer will investigate the case and determine whether it is in the child's interest to file a formal Petition.

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The Officer may decide to divert the case or dismiss it. If a Petition is filed it will be given to the child and parent, the case will be scheduled for an arraignment hearing at which the child and the child's parent or guardian will be advised of the child's rights by a judge. The child may then be asked whether the child admits or denies the Petition (unless the child elects to remain silent). If the child denies the Petition or if the child remains silent the case will be scheduled for a trial at a later date. If the child admits the Petition the Court may dispose of the case at that time or may refer the child to the Intake/Disposition Officer and schedule the matter for disposition at a later time.

All contested delinquency Petitions are prosecuted by a member of the District Attorney's staff of Whitfield County