Juvenile Court Intake

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Philip F. Woodward,

Robbie Walka,


Whitfield County Juvenile Court
205 N Selvidge St
Dalton, Ga 30720
706 278-6558


The Whitfield County Juvenile Court is located in the Ground Floor of the Whitfield County Courthouse in Dalton, Georgia and is a department within the government of Whitfield County.

Whitfield County is located approximately 90 miles northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, on Interstate 75 and U.S. Highways 41 and 76

Juvenile Court Seal

Juvenile Court Seal

Intake Officers

Georgia law requires that each Juvenile Court designate an intake worker to be on duty or on call during each 24 hour period. In Whitfield County, each probation officer also serves as an intake worker. The intake worker serves as the gate keeper to the juvenile justice system.

Officers assigned to conduct intake shall receive, screen and examine all properly executed complaints filed pursuant to Uniform Rule 4.1 concerning delinquent, unruly or dependant children who are received by the court. Said officers shall, by authority of the judge, informally adjust those cases which are appropriate for such action.

The intake officer shall compile on a regular basis the case files or a report on those cases that were informally adjusted for review by the juvenile court judge. Intake officers shall only be court-employed intake or probation officers, court service workers or other staff designated by the judge or judges or associate judges exercising juvenile court jurisdiction.