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Philip F. Woodward,

Robbie Walka,


Whitfield County Juvenile Court
205 N Selvidge St
Dalton, Ga 30720
706 278-6558


The Whitfield County Juvenile Court is located in the Ground Floor of the Whitfield County Courthouse in Dalton, Georgia and is a department within the government of Whitfield County.

Whitfield County is located approximately 90 miles northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, on Interstate 75 and U.S. Highways 41 and 76

Juvenile Court Seal

Juvenile Court Seal


The Whitfield County LIPT meets on a regular schedule and also hears cases on an emergency basis.

The purpose of LIPT as defined by O.C.G.A. § 49-5-225 is to:


(1) Staff cases and review and modify as needed decisions about placement of children and adolescents in out-of-home treatment or placement, monitor each child's progress, facilitate prompt return to the child's home when possible, develop a reintegration plan shortly after a child's admission to a treatment program, review the individual plan for the child or adolescent and amend the plan if necessary, and ensure that services are provided in the least restrictive setting consistent with effective services; and


(2) Be the focal point for the regional plan, if any. The LIPT must be established for each region of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities.  Membership includes a local representative from Juvenile Court, the community mental health agency responsible for coordinating children's services; the Division of Family and Children Services of the Department of Human Services; the Department of Juvenile Justice; the Department of Public Health; a member of the special education staff of the local education agency; and the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.


In addition to the permanent members, the committee reviewing the case of a child or adolescent may include the special education administrator of the school district serving the child or adolescent, the parents of the child or adolescent, and caseworkers from any involved agencies.


Regional Interagency Action Teams (RIAT) are not required by law, but will provide a feedback loop for collaborative learning regarding the operation of the Local Interagency Planning Teams. Regional Teams are established at the regional level (5 DBHDD regions). The purpose is to identify shared and cross-cutting issues related to children's behavioral health as identified in the local interagency planning team processes. Goals are:

  • To assure that gaps in services are identified
  • To assure that barriers at the local level are identified and addressed
  • To assure a common vision at the regional level
  • To decrease fragmentation and duplication across partners
  • To identify strengths in processes

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Membership of the Regional Interagency Action Team includes the chairpersons of the LIPTs located within the region, regional representation by mandated agencies, LIPT trainers, and a family representative. The teams are facilitated by Regional DBHDD Program Specialists and Family Connection Partnership Community Facilitators using the results based facilitation methodology. Teams meet quarterly.

DBHDD Program Specialists record meeting notes to be shared with the DBHDD Regional Coordinator, the DBHDD Director of Child and Adolescent Services, and the Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health State Collaborative – Interagency Workgroup. Findings will be utilized to improve processes and in the development of the annual State Plan for the Coordinated System of Care required by law.