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The Whitfield County Juvenile Court is located in the Ground Floor of the Whitfield County Courthouse in Dalton, Georgia and is a department within the government of Whitfield County.

Whitfield County is located approximately 90 miles northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, on Interstate 75 and U.S. Highways 41 and 76

Juvenile Court Seal

Juvenile Court Seal

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The Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over all traffic offenses committed by children under the age of 17 years, whether they have a driver's license or not.

There are different categories of traffic related offenses.

The following traffic related offenses are required by law to be charged as delinquent matters and will not be handled in traffic court:

  1. Homicide by Vehicle, Manslaughter Resulting from the Operation of a Vehicle
  2. Any Felony in the Commission of which a Motor Vehicle is used;
  3. Racing
  4. Using a Motor Vehicle to Flee or Attempt to Elude an Officer
  5. Fraudulent or Fictitious Use of a License
  6. Hit and Run
  7. Leaving the Scene of an Accident;
  8. Driving Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  9. Any other offense for which driving privileges may be revoked or suspended for an adult

If you are accused of one of the above offenses you will receive a summons to Court along with a copy of the Petition which contains the formal charges filed in your interest. You should report to Court for arraignment on that day. Your case will be processed as any other delinquency case.

The following traffic offenses require the child and a parent or guardian to appear together in Juvenile Traffic Court for a hearing before a judge:

  1. Reckless Driving
  2. Improper Passing on a Hill or Curve
  3. Passing a Stopped School Bus
  4. Any Speeding Violation Over 24 miles per hour

If you are accused of one of the above offenses you will receive a letter advising you of your Court date. You should report to Court for arraignment on that date. If you are adjudicated to have committed one of the above offenses the Court is required to suspend your driver's license. You should also expect to pay a fine. You may also receive other penalties as authorized by law. Any person charged with a traffic offense involving an accident, any person who has previously admitted at traffic charge or paid a bond forfeiture for a traffic charge.

All other traffic offenders have an option of appearing in Court for a hearing or paying a bond forfeiture at the Clerk's Office. The child will receive a mailed notice advising them of a Court date for arraignment and may appear along with a parent or guardian for arraignment before a judge at that time. If the accused chooses not to contest the charge and wishes to pay a scheduled fine (in the form of a bond forfeiture), the child and parent or guardian may come to the Juvenile Court Clerk's Office during business hours any time before the scheduled Court date and the Clerk will receive your payment and this will complete the case.

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Right to an Attorney of a Child Charged with a Traffic Offense

If you are accused of a traffic offense that has not been filed as a delinquent act, you have the right to be represented by an attorney hired at your own expense. You do not have the right to an appointed attorney at public expense.