Magistrate Court

Location and Access

205 N Selvidge Street
Dalton, GA 30720
(706) 278-5052


Magistrate Judges

  • Haynes Townsend, Chief Magistrate
  • Chris Griffin
  • Gayle Gazaway
  • Shana Vinyard

Contact Information

Judy Castaneda, Clerk of Court

(706) 278-5052


The mission of the Magistrate Court of Whitfield County is to provide equal justice to all persons regardless of age, race, national origin, or religious beliefs. It is also our mission to provide prompt and courteous responses to all individuals utilizing our Court, so that they will not feel intimidated by the Judicial Process, and will also have a more complete understanding of how the Court operates.


  1. Treat all persons equally
  2. Treat all persons courteously
  3. Treat all persons with respect
  4. Help people to understand the role of the Magistrate Court
  5. Help people to understand the rules and procedures of the Magistrate Court
  6. Expand our mediation program
  7. Cross-train all of our staff
  8. Create more camaraderie in our work environment
  9. Encourage the staff to communicate how we can improve our court
  10. Find ways for the court to be more user friendly