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In 2014, the community partners realized there was a need in our community for a focus on Domestic Violence prevention and treatment. The idea was to model a Domestic Violence Court after the already established Accountability Courts, such as Drug Court, Mental Health Court and Veterans Court throughout the State. These Accountability Courts were established to alleviate stress in the prison system as well as target the core issues which are causing the participants to offend. Currently, Domestic Violence Court is not recognized by the Council of Accountability Judges of Georgia and the Office of the Governor as an official Accountability Court. The State Commission on Family Violence is currently looking at Conasauga Domestic Violence Court as the model for the State. There is a movement to push for Domestic Violence Court to be recognized by the State as an official Accountability Court and receive funding.

Conasauga Domestic Violence Court has adopted 4 goals: 1) A Just Result; 2) Safety for the Victim; 3) Offender Accountability and 4) Elimination of Recidivism. Each participant is required to attend RESOLV FVIP classes. In 2016, 144 participants were enrolled in the program. By the end of 2016, 105 of those participants had completed the program, creating at least 73% completion rate.

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