805 Professional Blvd
Dalton, GA 30720
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The Criminal Investigation Division of the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Department is comprised of four sections; General Investigations, Narcotics, Evidence Section and the Records/Permits Section. A total of twenty-eight personnel are assigned to these sections. The Criminal Investigation Division is comprised of one division commander (Captain Rick Swiney) and directly supervised under Lt. Nancy Chadwick. The distribution of remaining personnel includes three secretaries, eight investigators and 1 sergeant which are assigned to General Investigations, six investigators and 1 sergeant assigned to Narcotics, two technicians assigned to the Evidence Section, three clerks in the Records/Permit Section. The Criminal Investigation Division is located at 805 Professional Blvd. Dalton, Georgia 30720, telephone number 706-278-3029. E-mail address; wcsocid@whitfieldcountyga.com


The Detectives assigned to General Investigations are responsible for investigating all unsolved criminal cases reported to the Sheriff’s Department. Additionally, the unit investigates other crimes which require specialized training or expertise, such as homicide, child abuse and/or molestation, forgery, computer crimes and domestic violence. The unit also conducts all internal investigations, and background investigations on prospective applicants. On average, detectives of this unit investigate over 3,000 cases annually, with a clearance rate in excess of 40%, compared to a national average of around 33%.


The Narcotics Unit of the Sheriff’s Department is an integral portion of the Criminal Investigation Division. In addition to conducting complex narcotic investigations, the officers execute search warrants, pursue asset forfeitures of drug money, and assist with vice related investigations. The narcotic officers often participate in "task force" operations with other local, state, and federal agencies, which generally result in the arrest of major traffickers and the confiscation of substantial quantities of contraband. The Narcotics Unit works closely with citizens to make our community a safer place to live and work. The Narcotics Section averages over 300 arrests annually and seized multiple pounds of methamphetamine and cocaine. Citizens with concerns or information on illegal drug activity can contact the Narcotics Unit by calling the DRUG HOT LINE 278-DRUG.