Pinhoti Trail

Pinhoti Trail Alliance

The Pinhoti Trail system runs for approximately 300 miles from Polk County, Alabama to the Benton Mackaye Trail, passing through Whitfied County along the way. Section 12 of the Pinhoti begins at Snake Creek Gap off Hwy 136 in Walker County and ends atop Dug Gap Mountain in Dalton. The trail is steep and technical in sections but offers beautiful scenery along the way and a challenge to most.

Section 13 of the Pinhoti is a paved section beginning at Dug Gap Mountain on Dug Gap Battle Road and traveling Walnut Avenue, Airport road, and Tibbs Bridge Road into Murray County. The Pinhoti Trail is the longest foot trail in Georgia

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image274 - CopyTrail Section 12Length: 16 Miles
Difficulty: Difficult with steep terrain and rocky outcrops
Features: Scenic views, abundant plant and animal life, challenging terrain
Open to: Foot travel, bicycles, Horses
Trail Section 13Length: 12 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate with heavy vehicle traffic
Features: Scenic, shops, restaurants
Open to: Pedestrian traffic, motor vehicles, bicycles
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