Guardian ad litem Program

Conasauga Judicial CircuitThe Guardian ad Litem Program provides a standardized method through which judges may utilize the services of specially trained attorneys to represent the interests of children involved in domestics cases filed in Superior Court.

These attorneys are appointed as guardians to assist the Court in making decisions pertaining to disputed child-related issues such as physical and legal custody, visitation schedules and financial support. The guardians gather information from sources such as the parties to the case, the parties= counsel, relatives, schools, law enforcement agencies, medical facilities and social agencies which they compile into reports for presentation to the Court. The reports include the guardians' findings as well as their recommendations as to possible dispositions regarding the disputed issues. Throughout this process, the guardians attempt to assist the parties in identifying areas of agreement which may allow them to mutually settle their disagreements, therefore minimizing the need for further extensive Court intervention.
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