Frequently Asked Questions

How is Government Funded?
Governments of all levels have always been funded by its citizens. This principal has held true since the formation of the very first government, thousands of years ago. Unlike income-producing businesses that can become self-sufficient, governments are service based and have to charge for those services in order to continue to provide them to it's citizens. Governments are funded by the citizens by way of tax levies, fines, fees, tariffs, duties, etc.
Where do my Tax Dollars Go?
Your tax dollars work for you more than any other expense you may have. Your local tax dollars provide roads and transportation services, police and fire protection, 911 and emergency management, recreation and community development, education of children, assistance for the underprivileged, local government infrastructure maintenance, courts and judges, correctional centers, storage and maintenance of public records and legal documents, electronic access to your government and much more.
Who are the County Commissioners?
You can find this information on the Adminstration page of this website
Where can I find Contact Information?
You can click here for a list of county offices and officials.
Where do I find regulations and codes?
The Official County Code may be accessed through the Municode website
When does the Board of Commissioners Meet?
The Board of Comissioners have meetings scheduled for the second Monday of each month. They do, however, have special-called meetings that are scheduled as needed. The agendas are posted on the home page of the Whitfield County Website.
Where does the Board of Commissers meet?
The Board of Commissioners meet in the Commission Meeting Room in Administration Building #2
Can I attand the meetings?
All meetings are open to the public. Executive Sessions are not open to the public. Executive Sessions are held for the following issues:
  • Personnel
  • Land Acquisition
  • Litigation