Whitfield County Fire Chief Retires After Decades of Distinguished Service

Whitfield County, GA – Whitfield County Fire Chief Ed O’Brien has retired following an outstanding career in the fire service, including ten years of exemplary leadership in Whitfield County and nearly forty years in the field overall.

Chief O’Brien began his career in 1986 after his brother joined law enforcement. Realizing that law enforcement wasn’t for him, his brother suggested he try the fire service, which immediately felt like the right fit. "I knew I didn’t want to be in an office doing the same thing every day, so this was a perfect fit for me," said Chief O’Brien, reflecting on his commitment to public safety and community service. Before his tenure in Whitfield County, he served as Fire Chief in DeKalb County, GA, where he was known for his leadership and dedication.

Looking back on his career, Chief O’Brien expressed deep appreciation for the camaraderie and brotherhood he found among his fellow firefighters. "The firefighter brotherhood is something truly special," he said. "I will miss the bonds we've formed and the support we provide each other. I am also thankful to Whitfield County for the opportunities that were given to me here."

As he transitions into retirement, Chief O’Brien looks forward to spending more time with his family, and his grandchildren.

The Whitfield County Board of Commissioners extends their sincere gratitude to Chief O’Brien for his years of service and leadership. His contributions have had a profound and lasting impact on the community.