I have recently filed a report with the Whitfield County Sheriff`s Office. How do I obtain a copy?
Incident reports are available on this website. Please use the following steps to obtain an incident or accident report: Step 1-From the P2C home page, click "Event Search”. Step 2-If searching for an incident report, select the “Incident” check box. If searching for an accident report, select the “Accident” check box. Step 3-Choose search date and option. “Date Occurred” is the date that the incident occurred. “Date Reported” is the date the incident was reported to the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office. Dates must be entered in a MM/DD/YYYY format. Step 4-Choose the appropriate date option in the “Date” drop box. Step 5-Enter any other pertinent information, such as Last Name, First Name, City, etc. in the appropriate search fields. Step 6-Accident and Incident report numbers follow a specific format of year and case number. For instance, an incident report filed in the year 2011 would follow the format of “201101234”. There are no dashes or separations in the case number, and all case numbers are comprised of nine digits. Please enter the accident or incident report number in the “Case number” field in the appropriate format.
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