What form of money can be accepted for inmate use?
1.Visitors may use the ATM, located in the lobby, to deposit money on any inmates account by credit card or cash. ATM fees will apply for both and will show on the inmates account as “Lockdown Fees,” reducing the amount of the deposit. The ATM system will walk them through the process. 2.Any person may deposit funds into an inmate’s account, after the inmate is booked, by logging into www.jailatm.com website and creating an account. The depositor may place money using a credit or debit card. They may place funds on the inmate’s Commissary account, Paytel account, or specifically a Paytel account designated for calling only the depositor. A fee will be charged to the depositor. 3.Please also note: If the depositor on www.jailatm.com has an issue with the system, then he/she needs to contact support@jailatm.com not the jail.
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