I have recently filed a report with the Whitfield County Sheriff`s Office. How do I obtain a copy?
Incident reports are available on this website. Please use the following steps to obtain an incident or accident report: Step 1-From the P2C home page, click "Event Search”. Step 2-If searching for an incident report, select the “Incident” check box. If searching for an accident report, select the “Accident” check box. Step 3-Choose search date and option. “Date Occurred” is the date that the incident occurred. “Date Reported” is the date the incident was reported to the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office. Dates must be entered in a MM/DD/YYYY format. Step 4-Choose the appropriate date option in the “Date” drop box. Step 5-Enter any other pertinent information, such as Last Name, First Name, City, etc. in the appropriate search fields. Step 6-Accident and Incident report numbers follow a specific format of year and case number. For instance, an incident report filed in the year 2011 would follow the format of “201101234”. There are no dashes or separations in the case number, and all case numbers are comprised of nine digits. Please enter the accident or incident report number in the “Case number” field in the appropriate format.

What form of money can be accepted for inmate use?
1.Visitors may use the ATM, located in the lobby, to deposit money on any inmates account by credit card or cash. ATM fees will apply for both and will show on the inmates account as “Lockdown Fees,” reducing the amount of the deposit. The ATM system will walk them through the process. 2.Any person may deposit funds into an inmate’s account, after the inmate is booked, by logging into www.jailatm.com website and creating an account. The depositor may place money using a credit or debit card. They may place funds on the inmate’s Commissary account, Paytel account, or specifically a Paytel account designated for calling only the depositor. A fee will be charged to the depositor. 3.Please also note: If the depositor on www.jailatm.com has an issue with the system, then he/she needs to contact support@jailatm.com not the jail.

What/when is first appearance?
When an individual is arrested for a criminal charge (not probation violation/ bench warrant/ bondsman off bond/ticket), that individual is required to go before a Magistrate Court judge within 48 hours of their booking, which is referred to as first appearance/bond hearing. The purpose of the First Appearance hearing is to let the inmate know what they have been charged with, answer any questions from the judge, and to give the inmate access to an attorney (Public Defender) or the ability to request a form for a Public Defender (on the weekends), and most importantly notify them of their rights. The judge may or may not set a bond depending on the charge or whether or not that person qualifies to receive a bond. First Appearance hearing are generally conducted via video, with the judge at Magistrate Court and the inmate located in jail in a multi-purpose room. The hearings are held every day with the exceptions of Sunday and county holidays. They are generally held at 3:30pm, but can (at the judge’s discretion) be held at a different time. The public can view the First Appearance hearing from the courtroom located at the 24 hour entrance (Central Control).

What is the process to post bail for an inmate?
A twenty dollar ($20) fee is charged for all bonds. To post bail for an inmate, cash, property, or a bonding agency can be used. To use property, individuals must present a statement from the tax office, and personal identification.

Who are the approved bonding companies for Whitfield County?
A-1 Bonding, Inc: (706) 259-3511 Cohutta Bail Bonding: (706) 277-0095 Huckabee Bonding Company: (706) 226-5474

I live outside of Whitfield County and want to use my property to post bail for someone at the Whitfield County Jail. What is that process?
Please go to the Sheriff`s Office in the county where the property is located. That Sheriff`s Office will assist you in posting bail at the Whitfield County Sheriff`s Office.

How can I contact other local law enforcement agencies?
Cohutta Police Department: (706) 694-3330 Dalton Police Department: (706) 278-9085 Georgia State Patrol: (706) 272-2200 (# 1 for Radio Room) Tunnel Hill Police Department: (706) 673-5535 Varnell Police Department: (706) 694-3141

I need to have a background check conducted. What is the process?
State and local background checks are conducted at the Whitfield County Sheriff`s Office Records Department Monday through Friday, 8:00am until 4:30pm. To request a background check, you will need to bring a Georgia driver`s license or Georgia identification. The fee for a background check is ten dollars ($10) and the only form of payment accepted is cash.

I need to register as a sex offender. What is the process?
Sex offender registry is conducted at the Whitfield County Sheriff`s Office Records Department, located at 805 Professional Boulevard in Dalton. Per Georgia law O.C.G.A. 42-1-12, sex offenders must report to the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office within 72 hours of arriving in Whitfield County jurisdiction. The offices are open Monday through Friday 8am-5 pm. Please bring sentencing documentation if available, identification and any paperwork from other counties or the prison/jail you were released from.

Where can I get my record expunged?
Applications for record expungements/restriction for incidents prior to July 1, 2013 are accepted at the Whitfield County Sheriff`s Office Record Department located at 805 Professional Blvd. Dalton, Georgia. Applications for record expungements/restriction for incidents after July 1, 2013 are accepted at the District Attorney’s Office located at the Whitfield County Courthouse located 205 North Selvidge St. Dalton, Georgia.

Can reports be faxed to individuals or insurance companies?

Where are citations paid?
Citations issued by Officers of the Whitfield County Sheriff`s Office, as well as those issued by Georgia State Patrol, are paid at Whitfield County Probate Court, located at the main Whitfield County Courthouse, located at 205 North Selvidge St. Dalton, Georgia. Citations issued from other municipalities within Whitfield County are paid at the municipality of that city.

Where can I apply for employement with Whitfield County Sheriff`s Office?
All applications for positions with Whitfield County Sheriff`s Office are accepted online at: http://www.whitfieldcountyga.com.

Where can I obtain a firearm permit?
Firearm permits can be obtain at Probate Court, located at the Whitfield County Courthouse, 205 North Selvidge Street in Dalton.

How can I find out if there is an active warrant on me?
Per our policy no warrant information is given by telephone but requests can be made in person at the Sheriff`s Office which is located at 805 Professional Blvd. Dalton, Georgia.

Who can I give information to about someone that I think has an active warrant?
You can call the Sheriff`s Office at (706) 278-1233 and give the information you have.

Who do I contact to have a civil paper served?
Contact the Civil Section of the Sheriff`s Office at (706) 876-1497.

What is the fee for service of civil papers, which includes child support papers?
The fee is $50.00 and we accept money orders, cashier checks, and cash. (Cash will only be accepted in person.)

If I am mailing a civil paper to be served what is the address I need to send the paper to?
The address to send the civil papers to is P.O. Box 652, Dalton, GA 30722-0652. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope so that we can send you the proof of service and a telephone number where you can be reached.

Who do I contact for information in reference to evictions?
Contact Magistrate Court at (706) 278-5052.

If have an Information Card left at my door by the Sheriff`s Office what should I do?
If an Information Card was left at your door then we are trying to make contact with you so please contact the telephone number that is listed on the card so we can give you further information in why we are trying to make contact.

Who do I contact to obtain a Temporary Protection Order (TPO)?
Contact the Domestic Violence Unit at (706) 876-1556.

Who serves court subpoenas?
Most subpoenas are issued by the Superior Court and those subpoenas are served by the Uniform Patrol Division of the Sheriff`s Office. They can be reached at (706) 876-1447.

Do you serve out-of-state child support arrest orders?
Only if the out-of-state agency is willing to extradite the violator.

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