I have recently filed a report with the Whitfield County Sheriff`s Office. How do I obtain a copy?
What form of money can be accepted for inmate use?
What/when is first appearance?
What is the process to post bail for an inmate?
Who are the approved bonding companies for Whitfield County?
I live outside of Whitfield County and want to use my property to post bail for someone at the Whitfield County Jail. What is that process?
How can I contact other local law enforcement agencies?
I need to have a background check conducted. What is the process?
I need to register as a sex offender. What is the process?
Where can I get my record expunged?
Can reports be faxed to individuals or insurance companies?
Where are citations paid?
Where can I apply for employement with Whitfield County Sheriff`s Office?
Where can I obtain a firearm permit?
How can I find out if there is an active warrant on me?
Who can I give information to about someone that I think has an active warrant?
Who do I contact to have a civil paper served?
What is the fee for service of civil papers, which includes child support papers?
If I am mailing a civil paper to be served what is the address I need to send the paper to?
Who do I contact for information in reference to evictions?
If have an Information Card left at my door by the Sheriff`s Office what should I do?
Who do I contact to obtain a Temporary Protection Order (TPO)?
Who serves court subpoenas?
Do you serve out-of-state child support arrest orders?

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