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  • Judge: Jim Wilbanks
  • Treatment Court Administrator:
    Jennifer Richardson

    P.O. Box 6127
    Dalton, GA 30722 –6127
    phone (706) 281-4811
    fax (706) 226-5731

Program Description

Welcome to the screening process and possible admission into the Conasauga Drug Court Program. The program began in February, 2002 and provides the opportunity for drug treatment under the supervision of the Conasauga Circuit Superior Court. The purpose of our program is to reduce repeat drug-related offenses by creating the opportunity for recovery from chemical addiction. We seek to quickly identify eligible and suitable candidates through a post-arrest screening process.

Candidates enter a guilty plea to the current charges and receive a probation sentence, part of which is served in attending and successfully completing the Program. Participants, who are eligible for “first offender” status and successfully complete the probated sentence, will not have a felony conviction on their record. This program is a unique opportunity and privilege in the judicial process. It may very well be the most important decision you make in order to restore your life. You can avoid the major problems that are the result of criminal behavior and chemical dependence.

The program will challenge you in terms of accountability and commitment to a recovery process that only you can begin. A team, that includes Judge Jim Wilbanks, representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender and defense bar, local law enforcement agencies, State Probation Office, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Team, and the Program Coordinator, conducts the program. Members evaluate eligible candidates for admission, as well as monitor participant progress and challenges throughout treatment

Drug Court Program