Drug Court Requirements

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Murray County

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Qualifying Eligibility Factors

  • Adult (17+ years old), male or female
  • Felony arrest on drug possession or other alcohol- or drug-related charges
  • Eligible for treatment as a first offender
  • Legal resident of the Conasauga Judicial Circuit (Murray/Whitfield County)

Disqualifying Eligibility Factors

  • Defendant is classified as a violent offender as defined under federal guidelines. The federal guidelines prohibit "violent offenders" from participation in any drug court program receiving federal funds directly or indirectly, which includes this program. As defined, a violent offender is one, who at any time was convicted of or currently charged with a felony offense in which the use of force is involved, or, the defendant carried, possessed or used a firearm or other weapon, or, a victim suffered some physical harm as a result of a crime.
  • Defendant appears to be a drug dealer, as evidenced by prior or current charges of trafficking, manufacturing, distributing or selling controlled substances, with an indication of profiteering.
  • Defendant was convicted or currently charged with burglary or a sexual crime.
  • Outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions that cannot be cleared prior to admission.

Qualifying Suitability Factors

  • Willingness to participate in program
  • Clinical diagnosis of substance dependence, with treatment at the intensive outpatient level of care, as indicated by court-approved assessment process
  • Recommendation by the Drug Court Team prior to entry

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Disqualifying Suitability Factors

  • Diagnosis of a major mental illness, which precludes the defendant from participation in an insight-oriented alcohol and other drug treatment program
  • Diagnosis of a medical condition, which precludes participation in requirements integral to the drug court program