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Mental illness is not a choice, but recovery is.
Help for today, hope for tomorrow

The Conasauga Mental Health Court Program began in July, 2018 and was developed to allow defendants with a diagnosed mental illness to voluntarily address their illness with the goals of becoming accountable for their own mental health, reducing their negative interactions with law enforcement and the court system and achieving life stability.

The Conasauga Mental Health Court is a demanding program that holds its participants accountable for their own actions. The program consist of required treatment sessions, hearings and random drug screens. Conasauga Mental Health Court consist of a team that includes Judge Scott Minter, representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender and defense bar, local law enforcement agencies, State Probation Office, Treatment Team, and the Program Coordinator.


Request for Entry:

Anyone can make a referral to Mental Health Court. Referrals can be made by phone or by referral form (To come later) *see Participant Forms for online referrals.

Screening Process:

Screening is conducted in the early stages of Mental Health Court and typically precedes assessment and other diagnostic activities

The District Attorney reviews the case to decide if the prospective participant meets predetermined eligibility requirements. They will then refer the candidate to the Drug Court Coordinator for further screening. The Mental Health Coordinator uses assessment tools to complete the screening process

After the screening is completed, the entire Mental Health Court team uses information gathered during screening to determine the admissibility of the candidate to the program.

Program Requirements

Each participant will be required to attend weekly treatment meetings and groups, complete phases and show forward progress, provide testable urine/saliva/hair samples for drug screening, pay weekly participant fees and attend Court as required.

Each participant will be required to work, pay child support, perform community service, allow for home visits from surveillance and follow all additional requirement of the Mental Health Court contract.

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